A Direction Unknown.

Following my path in a direction of bleak darkness. For years, I have known where my path would potentially lead me, camera in hand, dreams in stow. It wasn’t until last year that the path turned from a light driven, bebop dream to a dark and lonely desolation. I am here, are you. A simple photograph to yet lie and deceive my own cognition. Trust in the photograph has been lost, but for some reason the act of making photographs has not. Why do I continue to do this? Do I even enjoy doing this any more? Leaning on the disciplines of the past, like an old love that I can not let go. It is a dance, one in which she swept me off my feet, fallen for miles to be dancing on the clouds not the ground. Every shot holding a memory, an intention, an action. But, when it is over, what do I chase next? A dream can be chased and chased but eventually can kill you.



Jazz at the Library

At the Library with some of my friends in I.B, Robert Sebastian, Burnett Anderson, Justin Joyce!

Looking for the new angles

Going to the jam session at p66 every week can bring about some challenges for trying to find new images. So the last few time I haven’t come home with too many images, but more exploring new angles and perspectives. the challenges that keep your mind going.


Doug lives at eh Veterans home in Chula Vista, we try to make it out to visit him as much as we can, but sometime life just keeps us from doing that. He is 86, and not much to chat about but still has some jokes. Every time we go to see him I try to make pictures, sometimes they are redundant, and sometime new, but always capturing him. Recently i have discovered photographing my Family has been some what of a learning experience, it opens doors that i don’t think I

could normally just talk about. Being behind my Leica is my way of communicating. A on going project that may go nowhere, may lead somewhere, but i will learn every click of the way.


I haven’t really known Doug until now. Growing up he was not around nor did I see him as a grandfather figure. I am slowly learning things about him and his life. Meeting at his veterans home, through the moments of smiles and confusion, there is some stories and laughs.

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